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Patient Visit Management

Patient Visit Management

Patient Visit Management

With the rapid increase of demand on medical services, it becomes challenging for hospitals and healthcare centers to manage and control the huge number of patients coming to the centers. 


FLEX's Patient Visit Management (PVM) system is an advanced system that grants hospitals and healthcare centers full control over their patient's visit.  The system organizes the flow of patients from one facility to another smoothly and efficiently, noticeably decreasing the actual wait time, which eventually increases patients' satisfaction and retention. 


The system decreases the perceived wait time, by deploying an advanced digital signage system to guide the patients to the required service as well as educating them about the latest health information. Advertisements and health content can be displayed on the screens. Patients remain entertained by informative and amusing content until they are called for service.

The system also incorporates service kiosks, allowing patients to get certain services partially or fully by themselves. For other services, they can obtain a ticket number from the kiosk and sit in a comfortable area, until they are called to receive the service.


And in order to improve the service quality further, it becomes crucial to know what patients think about the staff and services. FLEX's Patient Visit Management solution allows hospitals and healthcare centers to do just that. Utilizing small LCD touch screens, they can collect patient feedback, allowing them to measure patient satisfaction and enhance their services accordingly. This provides better performance management and improves the overall patient experience, which eventually boosts the business.