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Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management

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Customers are your most valuable asset. How pleased they are with your services would either make or break your business. That is why is it crucial to shape a customer-centric strategy that transforms the customer experience through all possible touchpoints with your brand. Providing a good in-store service to your customers is not enough. You need to ensure an exceptional customer experience with every single brand interaction.
FLEX’ Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions include a variety of innovative technologies, all streamlined to deliver a consistent and convenient customer journey to your customers over all points of contact, whether in-store or out, direct or in-direct.

Exceptional Customer Experience Management is what creates happy customers

It is proven that customers opt for great customer experiences over low prices or high quality products. We provide an array of products that help you control your customers’ interactions with your brand at all touchpoints. This kind of control allows you to give your customers options, ensuring that all of your customer demographics will be satisfied.


An exceptional customer experience is directly connected to your customers’ willingness to be loyal to your brand, purchase your products, and spread good word-of-mouth about your brand, which draws in more customers to your business.


There are many different ways that customers come into contact with your brand, the most popular of which is word-of-mouth. People often seek word of mouth about brands from others. If they get a positive feedback, they will be enthusiastic about trying it out. If not, they will lose all their interest in this brand, which means losing potential customers, besides existing ones.
Our CEM solutions take care of all possible customer journey scenarios via the different touchpoints that you may have, ensuring a positive and lasting impression about your brand. Whatever your need is, one of our systems will be the perfect solution you are looking for.
Our Customer Experience Management solutions include:

CEM Mobile

Queing and Routing

Self Registration

Digital Signage

Customer Feedback

Social Media Insights

Self Service Kiosks

Self Service Shops

Virtual Service Machines

Business Intelligence


Some of the main benefits of our Customer Experience Management solutions:

For Customers:

  • Convenient customer journey.
  • Reduced efforts, waiting and service times.
  • Exceptional customer experience at every touchpoint.
  • Personalization and recognition.
​For Businesses:
  • Positive word of mouth.
  • Maximized return on investment.
  • Enhanced customer retention and loyalty.
  • Improved management, planning and control .




Whatever business domain you are in, we have a solution that can be customized to meet your specific requirements.